Environment Policy

Environmental Policy

Karimex Hazelnut Ind. Co., that has been operating at food sector makes production by fulfilling the conditions of food standards and food safety in order to deliver the most natural taste to its customers in many parts of the world under the healthiest and hygienic conditions. As an organization, processes are planned by taking customers, suppliers, employees, official institutions, neighbours, society and environment into consideration.

As regards the system design, it is aimed to ensure the satisfaction of customers, health, safety and participation of employees, environmental awareness, supplier relations, the sustainability of competitiveness and productivity.

In the direction of the principle of respecting the human, environment and all living things among our foundation values; it undertakes
  • To carry out studies to ensure continuous improvement and development in environmental activities,
  • To raise environmental awareness of our employees, to organize training to raise their awareness of responsibility towards the environment and to increase their sensitivity,
  • To reduce waste at its resource, to ensure their recycling as much as possible, to dispose or ensure disposal of the waste which cannot be recycled without giving damage to the environment,
  • To prevent environmental pollution by minimizing air, water and soil pollution which occur as a result of our activities,
  • To ensure releasing to the environment of the emissions arisen from our activities in line with the standards laid down in environmental legislation, discharging wastewaters in accordance with the standards specified in environmental legislation,
  • To use appropriate technology to minimize and control potential effects on the environment,
  • To follow up legal, international legislation and customer requirements and to improve its environmental performance constantly with the purpose of preventing environmental pollution, to declare it to the public,
  • To carry out the conditions of legislation in force from which it is liable.

The policies on Quality, Environment, Social Compliances, Occupational Health and Safety are announced to all employees and relevant persons with the help of brochures, boards, training and meetings.

Our company has adopted to share its environmental effects, applications, health and safety incidents with the external environment within the framework of transparency policy. In this context, necessary routes are followed in the direction of the procedure. To make/cause making related statements are under the authority and responsibility of Social Compliance Officer. The complaints, requests coming from the external environment/all stakeholders are recorded, related requirements are met by Social Compliance Officer within the knowledge of Quality Management Representative.