Ethic Policy

Ethics Policy

1. Honesty
Principle of honesty is essential in all relationships and processes inside and outside the company.

2. Confidentiality
The employee has to keep confidential the information and secrets he/she has found out in regard to his/her work and the Company whether or not they are interested in the duty he/she does. He/she cannot give or disclose the secrets, the information he/she has found out or related certificates to unauthorized persons or authorities. This liability will also carry on after the end of the relationship with the Company.

3. Our Responsibilities
The company pays maximum attention to perform the responsibilities listed below against its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and business partners, rivals, environment and society.

3.1 Responsibility of Compliance with Laws and Legislation
The Company acts in accordance with the laws and legislation of the country where it has been operating both at home and abroad for all kinds of activities. Information, certificates and records relevant to these activities are kept and maintained regularly and completely. All kinds of reports, presentations, financial statements and footnotes which are to be disclosed to public opinion and presented to competent authorities by the company are prepared with maximum diligence and transparently in line with the regulations inside the company. Our company complies with the statutory requirements we mention below.

1. Child labour (under the age of 18) is prohibited.
2. Occupational health and safety conditions are adapted.
3. Working hours are compatible with the legislation (45 hours weekly).
4. No forced labour servitude, working outside contract or involuntarily exist.
5. Salary is proportional to fair and minimum legal requirements. No salary deductions are allowed as a disciplinary measure.
6. No segregation of any kind is applied.
7. It is not allowed to bribery, corruption, blackmail or bullying.
8. The environment is protected.

3.2 Duty of Care for Work
The employee is obliged to fulfil meticulously the works he/she undertakes with the labour contract. He/she is liable to make an attempt to gain/develop the competencies the work necessitates, to obtain necessary information. He/she is responsible for the damage given to the company as a result of intention, negligence and lack of attention.

The employee is responsible for distributing the work given to him to his subordinates and concluding it on time according to its requirements, and for performing the instructions given by the top manager in the best possible way. Each employee is obliged to protect the reputation of the company against third parties with the awareness that it represents the company. The company is obliged to refrain from any actions or actions that may cause the company to become difficult. Each employee is responsible for managing his / her relations with other employees, business partners and stakeholders in accordance with the code of business ethics and ethics. No employee may benefit from third parties or institutions in connection with his or her business, enter into a private business relationship, request payment or make payment. Besides, no employee can give information, secrets to anyone outside the company in regard to matters such as related rules, practices and processes.

3.3 Responsibility towards Environment and Society
While carrying out its activities, the company acts with a sense of social benefit and environmental awareness and aims to apply high standards of environmental awareness. Environmental violations that could harm the health and rights of employees, customers and residents of the region are avoided. For all work areas, activities are carried out in a way to minimize the negative effects of the work on the environment and environmental pollution prevention measures are taken. Consumption of natural resources is kept to a minimum. Within the framework of the responsibilities towards the society, support is given to education and charity activities, to efforts to raise environmental awareness and social awareness, to activities that are in the public interest, to cultural and social responsibility projects. The company acts sensitively to the traditions and cultures of the countries in which it operates abroad, adapts to the social structure and avoids the things to make negative effects on the social environment. It takes all measures to protect archaeological, historical, architectural and cultural monuments as well as a natural environment for its activities.

3.4 Responsibility towards Shareholders
Company activities target to increase the value of the company. Attention is paid to provide an optimum balance between profitability and risk management. The company's activities are carried out within the framework of transparency, accountability, sustainability, honesty principles, taking into account these issues and fulfilling the responsibility of informing shareholders within the framework of laws and regulations. Company resources are used efficiently and effectively, avoiding waste. The balance between short-term goals and long-term success is observed.

3.5 Responsibility of Compliance with the Principles and Rules of Workplace
The employee is obliged to comply with the rules on management, adaptation, discipline, occupational health and safety established by workplace and the instructions, regulations and procedures published in related to these matters.

3.6 Duty of Care for Behaviours and Relationships
The employee has to work in harmony with his colleagues and managers in the workplace, to establish good and human relations with the private or official persons and organizations that have relations with the workplace, and to perform his work honestly and quickly. Employees are obliged to notify the management with their certificates of those who act contrary to the code of business ethics. Employees are required to pay attention to their clothing and cleanliness as they represent the company during working hours outside the workplace.

3.7 Responsibility for Paying Regard to the Company's Interests
The employee is supposed to protect the company's business and business interests and to refrain from any behaviour that is detrimental to these interests. The employee cannot use the opportunities of the company for his/her personal interests.

3.8 Responsibility towards our Rivals
The company uses diligence about the development of the sectors in which it operates, the observance of common interests with all the companies operating in the sector, and the continuity of trust for the sector. It avoids unfair competition against competitors, acts within the framework of ethical rules, considering fair competition conditions.

3.9 Responsibility of Notifying Personal Information and Changes
The employee is obliged to inform and deliver to the Human Resources Directorate on time all kinds of the changes in familial, marital and address information, and the personal, family or relative information which is based on the rights and liabilities arranged in contracts and/or regulations and the certificates being a basis for these matters.

4. Prohibition of Working in Another Place
The employee shall not engage in trade without the consent of the company, and shall not accept any official or private, permanent or temporary, paid or unpaid duties.

5. Customer Focus
Our company always attaches importance to customer-oriented activities in order to make customer satisfaction continuous and keep on its activities in this direction. Customer is regarded as our organization’s breath of life, and it is accepted that every criticism is a light for our organization's development and achieving its goals. Therefore, any negative or positive criticism received from the customer is considered and evaluated properly. It also provides feedback to increase satisfaction in meeting the customer's expectations. Studies aimed at ensuring customer focus of employees are. Employees are informed about the quality of the product that the customer wants and what the customer expects.

6. States of Conflicts of Interest
The employee has to give particular importance to the interests of the Company for his/her all efforts related to work. The following situations are considered as a state of creating a conflict of interest.

  • Family or third-degree relatives of the employee has commercial relationships with the company,
  • Family of third-degree relatives of the employee has ownership relationship and the relationship based on self-interest with rival companies,
  • Family of third-degree relatives of the employee assigns the company for which they work,
  • Employee borrows from the companies for which he/she works, have a commercial relationship with them.

7. Conflict of Interest
Individual interests and situations in which the interests of the company or the related person and the company may conflict are looked out and prevented. In performing its duties, the company employees maintain their own interests above all else and avoid of any actions or actions that may be of interest to the company or its relatives by using the company's resources or reputation. Employees of the company show maximum attention not to abuse the company's resources, to protect the company's name and reputation.

8. Conflict of Interest Cases
Possible conflicts of interest and situations defined by the enterprise management are shared with the employees and the company management takes the necessary measures. The managers and employees of the company are obliged to inform the management about the conflicts of interest they observe. After the occurrence of such a situation, the board of directors evaluates the issue and performs the necessary studies.

9. Responsibility of Paying Attention to Behaviours and Relationships
The employee is obliged to work in harmony with his colleagues and managers in the workplace, to establish good and human relations with the private or official persons and organizations that have relations with the workplace, and to perform his work honestly and quickly. Employees are obliged to notify the management with their certificates of those who act contrary to the code of business ethics. Each employee should serve as a model with his / her behaviours in non-work environments, especially during working hours with the awareness of being a member of Karimex, and pay attention to his / her human relations.